Do you need volunteers?

The Volunteer Resource Centre is funded by Knox City Council and its purpose is to increase volunteering opportunities for organisations and individuals in Knox. Our job is to seek skilled, enthusiastic, willing volunteers and match them up with not-for-profit organisations who could use the help. If your volunteers need upskilling please contact us and we can find a suitable course free of charge at one of our five Knox community houses.

We can also assist with:

  1. Creating position descriptions to attract the right people
  2. Pre-screening, shortlisting and matching candidates reducing the time spent on recruitment
  3. Promote your organisation on social media and our website through volunteer's stories
  4. Supporting you through the recruitment process
  5. Deliver training
  6. Offer regular Network Meetings with Volunteer Managers and co-ordinators to exchange information and keep up with current trends

Register to find volunteers

If you'd like Volunteer for Knox to help you find volunteers for your not-for-profit organisation, register with us today.

Download and complete the organisation registration form below. Completed forms should be returned to the Volunteer for Knox office. E:

We have also provided a Volunteer Position Description form for you to complete and email back to us so we can post your advert on Seek and Go Volunteer.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call Volunteer for Knox on 0429 968 822.

Volunteer for Knox can also help...

Find people to volunteer at your community organisation
Improve how you manage volunteers in your organisation
Understand your legal and regulatory responsibilities