Community Space at Westfield Knox


The Community Space at Westfield Knox City Shopping Centre has been providing a venue for community groups to showcase what they do best to members of the public since 2014.

The aim of the Community Space is to celebrate community, volunteering and learning in the Knox community. There is no cost but you must book.

The space has relocated to Level 1 three doors down from Dusk in the old Suncorp bank building.

Westfield kindly donated the wonderful larger space to continue our work while renovations take place. 

This space has enabled the:

  • Promotion of important services provided in the community
  • Recruitment of new members and volunteers
  • Promoting Volunteer for Knox Resource Centre
  • Celebration of community achievements
  • Educating the community about issues and events
  • Adult Learning Opportunities
  • Showcasing local sporting clubs and schools
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Reducing social isolation for seniors


There are over 800 community groups in the City of Knox all contributing to the richness of community life in a variety of ways. They provide services such as, early childhood education and care, Aged care, Disability support, Animal welfare and education, conservation and the environment, Counselling and support, Education and learning (including libraries), Festivals and the arts, Legal services, Religious groups, Sport, leisure and recreation clubs, Youth services, Health services, Media (including community newspapers, magazines, radio and television) and much more.

All these organisations rely on volunteer support and membership to remain viable. Westfield Knox has provided the Community Space to contribute to the ability of these clubs and organizations to promote themselves to potential members and clients as well as recruit valuable volunteers.

It also allows us to highlight how the public can become more involved in their community.

The ACFE board and Knox City Council contributed towards the initial setup and now it is resourced by the five community houses in Knox, including The Basin, Mountain District LC, Rowville NLC and Orana.

Contact if you are interested in booking the space or call Coonara Community House on 9758 7081.